Members of the Board
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Members of the Board of Directors

* The Board of Directors

Faculty members take one of the most important roles in this institution. Lordland College is proud to bring fine groups of faculties and professors in order to influence and educate students. The faculty members and professors at Lordland College are competent in their professional fields and take on responsibilities of creating environments for successful education.

Members of the Board of Directors


Dr. Charles K. Jung, Ph.D., D.C.C., M.Ed., M,Div. C.P., Th.B.
Kang I. Lee, Ph.D., J.D., M.Div., B.S.
Grace D. Lee, D.R.Ed., D.C.C., M.Div., Th.B.
Andrew Y. Kim, D.R.A., M.A. M.R.S., Th.B.
Ji Chan Jung, D.R.Ed, MOM, BA

  Admissions Committee

President/ PDSO:                 
Vice-President/ DSO:
Dean of Academic Affairs:
Dean of Student Counselor:
Ka Jin Jung, Ph.D., Ed.D., M.Div, M.Ed., Th.B.
Andrew Y. Kim, D.R.A., M.R.S., B.A
Angie Yi, Ph.D., MOM, B.A.
Eun Hee Yeon, D.R.C., M.R.C, B.A.
Dawoon Jung, M.B.A.