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Professors and Faculty


Lordland College is interested in talented and qualified persons to pursue a career in Theology, Religious Counseling, and to achieve their full potential as mentors, teachers and scholars. Faculties employed by Lordland College must demonstrate substantial competence and have valid official credentials in their areas of teaching responsibilities. Faculty is shown within specific programs, however, faculty may teach courses within other disciplines/ programs in areas of their expertise.

Dr. Andrew Y. Kim(D.R.A., M.R.S., B.A.)
Lordland University(D.R.A..), Lordland University(M.R.S.), Capital Theological University(B.A.)

Dr. David Ui Kim(D.R.Ed. M.S., M.R.S., B.A.)
Lordland University(D.R.Ed., M.R.S.), Stanton University(MOM), Jongang University(B.A.)

Dr. Jeong Un Kim(Ph.D., D.R.Ed., MSOM, M.S., B.S.)
Chungang University(Ph.D.), Lordland University(D.R.Ed.), Trinity University of California(MSOM), Wonkwang University(M.S.), Kyungpook National University(B.S.)

Dr. Ka Jin Jung (Ph.D., D.R.Ed, D.C.C, D.Min.ABD, M.Ed., P.C., M.Div, Th.B)
Yuin University(Ph.D.), Covenant University(D.C.C.), Lordland University(D.R.Ed.) Southern Baptist School(D.Min. ABD), Hannam University(P.C.), Daegu University(M.Ed.) Seoul Theological University(M.Div), Chongshin University, Anyang University(Th.B.) International Pacific School of Law, International Christian Education College(EC)

Dr. Abraham H. Song (Th.D., M.S.W., B.A.)
Lordland University(Th.D. in Theology), Georgia State University, Yonsei University(M.S.W.), Korea Christian University(B.A.)

Dr. Angie Lee (Ph.D., O.M.C., M.C.)
Yuin University(Ph.D.), Royal University of America(O.M.A.), Samra University of O.M., California State University(M.S.), Chungang University(B.S.)