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Student Services

Student Lounge

Student lounge is open for students at Lordland College for students to relax, communicate, rest, study, and have a meal or snack. The lounge is equipped with a refrigerator, microwave oven, water dispenser, and coffee pot for student's conveniences. Students wishing a quiet environment are recommended to use the library.


An ample parking space for students, staff, and visitors is on site of the school building. Students, who need to park on daily basis, should contact the Academic Office to receive a permit to park on campus.

Student Housing

Lordland College is a non-residential college. We do not provide on or off-campus student housing. There are local housings in the vicinity of the college, as well as numerous private housing agencies that can assist students in finding housing.

Other Student Service

The college provides personalized student services to assist students in reaching their educational goals. Students should contact advisors for assistance for personal requests and needs.