Admission Requirements

Applicants seeking admission to Lordland College are evaluated on the basis of academic ability sufficient to complete the selected educational program. To be considered an acceptance, applicant must be at least 18 years of age when applying, and his/her status has to be a legal residence of the United States.

Bachelor Degree Programs
Students will qualify for undergraduate admission if you
1. Have graduated from high school, have earned a Certificate of General Education Development(GED), or have passed the California High School Proficiency Examination
2. Have completed for admission in college or college-preparatory subjects with grades of ‘C’ or better

Master Degree Programs
Students will qualify for graduate admission if you:
1. Have completed a four-year college course of study
2. Have the baccalaureate earned from the college or College previously attended
3. Have attained a grade point average of at least 2.5 in an acceptable earned baccalaureate degree

Audit Admission
Students who attend classes for personal enrichment and not for academic credit may be granted auditor’ status. Auditors attend classes with no obligations to participate actively in the class work. Auditors will receive a grade from Lordland College for every courses completed. Auditors may change the course grade from ‘udit’ to ‘redit’ once they are accepted into a degree program. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required for auditor’ courses.

Provisional Admission
In certain exceptions, degree program applicants who are unable to furnish a copy of all the required admissions documents may be provisionally accepted with the approval of the dean. This includes degree program applicants on academic probation or suspension at another college as well. Provisionally accepted students will be placed on probationary status and must receive a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 for the courses completed during the first quarter of acceptance or will be dismissed from the college. Students who meet the minimum GPA of 2.50 during the probationary periods are placed in regular standing in the following quarter.

Special Standing Admission
Students who wish to officially enroll in selective courses, but do not wish to receive a degree may be granted a status of special standing. Students who enroll as special standing must meet the regular admissions requirements.

Required Documents for International Student (F-1 Student)
1. Application
2. Copy of Passport
3. Copy of Visa or I-797A (If student applied Change of Status to F1)
4. Bank Statement Have completed a four-year college course of study

  • Will be encouraged to endeavor and achieve the highest educational level possible in his/her chosen field of study
  • Will be provided assistance to utilize his/her educational abilities for their community and themselves
  • Will be encouraged and prepared to become actively involved in the professional community for the purpose of professional contributions