Bachelor of Theology

Bachelor of Theology is designed as a seminary-track curriculum with an emphasis on the study of the religious education. The studies in this degree are the foundations for those seeking to enter Christian schools to teach Bible. Upon completion of the program, graduates will be well prepared to enter a theological seminary to pursue an educational program as a preparation for a career as an ordained minister. Graduates of Bachelor of Theology are able to serve in the Christian Community as Christian educators, missionary workers, youth ministers, Christian counselors, or Sunday school coordinators.

CGE101 College Reading 4 units
This course introduces the fundamentals of English reading through a wide-range of reading topics and genres. Students will practice readings with the articles, short essays, books, etc, and build reflective awareness through reading and writing exercises.

CGE102 College Composition 4 units
This course focuses on engaging students with writing and critical thinking skills. The course also explores to receive and give feedback on their writings and introduces academic writing conventions.

CGE103 Research and Writing 4 units
This course focuses on information literacy, research skills, and citations in order to construct ideas and write research papers.

CGE104 Introduction to Algebra 4 units
This course introduces the fundamental concepts of algebra and the methods needed for their application.

CGE105 Introduction to Psychology 4 units
This course provides an overview of the scientific study of human behavior. The study includes history, bio-psychology, motivation, cognition, abnormal behavior, personality theory, and other relevant topics.

CGE106 Introduction to Sociology 4 units
This course examines society and culture through the analysis of social interaction, social processes, social structures and other concepts fundamental to sociological understanding

CGE107 Global History 4 units
This course includes the study of the origins and development of major civilizations that happened in the world from early beginning through the renaissance period. It explores cultural and societal connotation discerning historical and worldly events.

CGE108 Principle Economics 4 units
This course introduces the basic tools to analyze economy. The course deals with consumers, firms, markets, and income distribution in the field of Church.

CGE109 Introduction to Business 4 units
This course introduces the fundamental concepts and principles in the field of business. It examines the operations of private enterprise and the functions of modern business management in relation to marketing, ethics, and social responsibility.

CGE110 Basic Computer Skills 4 units
This course is an introduction to computers that focuses on the primary computer skills needed by all college students. Students obtain skills to create a paper using Microsoft Word, to present the research using Microsoft Power-Point. And to use the features of Microsoft Windows to create, edit, store, and search for files on a personal computer.

CGE111 Information Technology 4 units
This course examines the application of computers and methodology to gather information through internet. It also addresses telecommunications equipment to store, retrieve, transmit, and manipulate data.

CGE112 Introduction to Philosophy 4 units
This course analyzes various systems surrounded by philosophical ideas. The course examines major figures in philosophy and their theories in the light of both logic and Scripture. The coverage is from pre-Christian to modern times.

CGE113 Religion and Ethics 4 units
This course introduces structure and content of Christian ethics comparing to other religion. The course examines goal, motive, and norm of the Christian life and the analysis of technical issues of authority, life, sexuality, property and truthfulness.

CGE114 World Religion 4 units
This course addresses the study of the arguments for and against the rationality of religious beliefs and a religious worldview. It analyzes religious language and the clarification of the relation between religious and other sorts of explanations.

Biblical/ Theological Study Courses – Total 80 units Required

CBT101 Old Testament Survey 4 units
This course is an overview of the Old Testament with an emphasis on theological themes in canonical context. It seeks to develop an understanding of the theological and ethical purpose of the Old Testament and its message.

CBT102 Israelite Kingdom 4 units
This course examines historical figures of God in the Old Testament, recorded from the book of Genesis through the book of Esther. It considers God’s redemptive plans through His covenants with Israel.

CBT103 Wisdom Literature 4 units
This course is a study of wisdom literature of the Old Testament, including the book of Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, and Psalms. It includes the themes, authorship, historical background, and literary genre of wisdom in the context of the Bible.

CBT104 Major Prophets 4 units
This course is a thorough study of the longer prophetic books of the Bible: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentation, Ezekiel, and Daniel. It examines the historical settings and prophetical character of the major prophets.

CBT105 Biblical Hebrew 4 units
This course introduces biblical Hebrew, the original language of the Old Testament. Students will examine the fundamental level of the language, paying special attention to issues of grammar, syntax, and form.

CBT106 New Testament Survey 4 units
This course is a comprehensive introduction to the New Testament. Including Gospels, Acts, Pauline Epistles, General Epistles, Hebrews, and Revelation. The course emphasizes the major theological and ethical teachings, historical setting, and date of writing of each book.

CBT107 Four Gospels 4 units
This course is an exegetical study of selected passages from the texts of the Gospels. It addresses background issues including history, composition, authorship, and the distinction of each book.

CBT108 Acts of the Apostles 4 units
This course is a study of early church apostles present in the book of Acts. It specifically follows the historical expansion of the church through doctrinal development, evangelism, and geographical expansion through the missionary activities.

CBT109 Pauline Epistles 4 units
This course covers key issues around theology and religious answers in the writings of the Apostle Paul. The epistles include thirteen books from Romans to Titus.

CBT110 New Testament Greek 4 units
This course is a study of phonology, morphology, and grammar of New Testament Greek with an emphasis on vocabulary development. It covers reading, writing, verb conjugation, and other parts of speech. It also introduces Greek customs, culture, and the politics of the inter-testamental period.

CBT111 Systematic Theology I 4 units
This course is the first part of systematic theology that addresses the doctrines of revelation and the doctrines of God with the trinity. Systematic theology introduces the doctrines of the Christian faith and formulates the account of the doctrines orderly, rationally, and coherently.

CBT112 Systematic Theology II 4 units
This course is the second part of systematic theology that focuses on the doctrines of man in sin and doctrines of redemption of Christ.

CBT113 Early Church History 4 units
This course is a survey of the main events and theological developments of the early Christian Church that focuses on the Church and Roman Empire, development of theology, and Christian life and worship.

CBT114 American Church History 4 units
This course explores the history of Christianity in America, from the colonial times to the present. It includes Puritanism, relationship between church and state, and between fundamentalism and libetalism.

CBT115 Church History in the Modern Age 4 units
This course addresses the historical change in intellectual background which developed in the seventh century through to the modern age. It analyzes the claims of reason, pietism, and the evangelical revival and deals with the conflicts and attitudes of the present day.

CBT116 Christian Education 4 units
This course introduces the methodology to establish biblical life view and education for children, youth, and adolescents. It integrates psychological facts in examining each developmental stage and discusses key issues in comparison with secular education.

CBT117 Spiritual Formation 4 units
This course guides students through a process of exploring and knowing themselves and their view of God. It examines personal spiritual journey and life condition in order for students to understand and experience abundant life that Jesus promised.

CBT118 Christianity in the Marketplace 4 units
This course prepares students to analyze contemporary culture and respond to theological discernment. It considers the manner in our culture and pluralistic society that influence our lives and explore the way to respond to it in a God-honoring manner.

CBT119 Foundation of preaching and teaching 4 units
This course provides an overview of the expository method of message preparation and delivery, with an emphasis on foundational elements and practical techniques. Expository teaching is examined through a balance of academic study, directed observation and practical application.

CBT120 Christian Apologetics 4 units
This course seeks to formulate the rational basis for believing in Christian theism, with responses to objections and critiques of competing worldviews.

Professional Study Courses – Total 24 units Required

CBT201 Seminar: Theological Studies 4 units
This course is to encourage interdisciplinary interaction over theological issues, readings, and presentations by students and faculty.

CBT202 Principles of Ministry Leadership 4 units
This course is an investigation and introduction of leadership theory and practices that lead to the development of bibliocentric philosophy of leadership. Students will learn to apply these concepts in the Church and Para Church agencies.

CBT203 Discipleship Theology 4 units
This course addresses the nature, method, and uses of Christian apologetics. It examines a biblical response to some attackes on Christian faith.

CBT204 Evangelism and Outreach 4 units
This course is a study of the nature, purpose, and process of biblical evangelism and discipleship and its appreciation to various ministries.

CBT205 World Mission 4 units
This course introduces the biblical basis and the contemporary practice and strategy of Christian missions worldwide, with special attention to recent theorizing on cross-cultural communication and church development.

CBT206 Student Ministry Practicum 4 units
This course is designed to give students a real life educational experience in church ministry in the application of our degree program. Students will develop a vision for a ministry while effectively communicating and serving in the body of Christ.

Elective Courses – Total 20 units Required

CBT301 Teaching of Christ 4 units
This course provides insight from the teachings of Christ that can be transformed into our lives today. It examines literacy form and theme as a mean to discover the truth in Christian way of life.

CBT302 Bible Exegesis 4 4 units
This course introduces a critical explanation and interpretation of the Bible. It investigates the history and origins of the text and includes the study of the historical and cultural backgrounds of the author, text, and original audience.

CBT303 Christian Music 4 units
This course is a survey to develop a practical and biblical philosophy of church music. Students will learn methodology and principles of worship to lead church congregation.

CBT304 Christian Worship 4 units
This course is an introduction to the principles and practices of Christian worship. The course deals with biblical and historical perspectives on Church worship.

CBT305 Bible Exposition 4 units
This course is a practice of studying biblical passages in depth. Students will be assigned to specific passages and books to define the author’s purpose and message.

CBT306 Sunday School Ministry 4 units
This course provides students to nurture the spiritual lives of children who are at the very beginning of their Christian journey.

CBT307 Theological Evangelism 4 units
The purpose of this course is explore the ministry of evangelism through a local church and its ministries. In addition to a summary of various approaches to evangelism in local churches, the biblical, theological and historical aspects of evangelism will be highlighted as well in order to provide a holistic view.

CBT308 Pastoral Research and Writing 4 units
A survey of pastoral care, ministerial leadership and theology in the context of parish ministry. This course explores the pastoral office by focusing on who ministers are and what they do.

CBT309 Programming for Adult Education 4 units
This course will focus on preparation of individuals to work with the unique problems and learning styles of adult learners.