Master of Religious Counseling

The purpose of the Master of Religious Counseling is to equip and motivate students to become competent leaders in the Counseling ministries of churches. Studies in this program guide and encourage students to develop in educated performances of their ministry. Master of Religious Counseling are able to serve the Christian community as Counseling directors of religious Center, congregations, diocesan offices, or as counseling teachers of religion in faith-based institutions.

Common Core Courses:72 units
Total Required Program Units:72 units

Course Description

MCO101 Health and Clinical Psychology 4 units
This unit focuses on the practical training, counselling skills, interventions and education strategies required to practice in the field of health psychology. It begins with an overview of the theory underpinning psychological factors in health and illness. The aim is to prepare students to understand and manage the impact of physical health issues and the importance of health promotion and education in community-based counselling organisations and in public and private psychological practice.

MCO102 Competencies 4 units
This unit focuses on the principles and methods of psychological assessment in the counselling context. It focuses on the knowledge, competencies and skills req.

MCO103 Professional Practice and Professional Ethics 4 units
This unit has its focus on the knowledge, competencies and skills required to practice as a provisional and counselling psychologist within the designated professional ethical, legal and professional and ethical standards as set down by the profession.

MCO104 Diagnostic and Treatment Skills for Specific Conditions 4 units
The unit focuses on developing a basic understanding of the diagnostic categories, theories and current models, relevant to abnormal psychology and psychopathology in counselling practice. The initial sessions cover the history and theories of abnormality, the classification and diagnosis of disorders and methods of assessment and research.

MCO105 Relationship and Marital Therapy 4 units
The increasing stresses in relationships place continual demands on counselors and therapists to provide ways through and beyond the anxieties and hostilities, the conflicts and the confusion. This unit will aim to explore specialized skills in relationship therapy and the theories and practice of relationship therapy. Systemic analysis and systemic therapy will be a key ingredient of this unit.

MCO106 Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy 4 units
Psychoanalytic thinking and practice has undergone an enormous expansion and transformation over the past sixty years. Similarly, psychoanalytic contributions to modern thinking and culture have had an impact on contemporary practice. This unit expands on the central ideas of the major contributors to contemporary psychoanalytic thought with particular emphasis on treatment implications for different kinds of presenting issues.

MCO107 Health Psychology 4 units
This unit will cover some of the most important aspects of theory and practice in applied psychology. Emotion theory will provide a basis for an examination of psychosomatic processes in general. Soma to form, sleep and eating disorders will be considered in terms of their underlying mechanisms and treatment options.

MCO108 Trauma Therapy 4 units
This unit brings a strong focus to the theory and practice of trauma therapy. It takes an integrative approach to trauma therapy, drawing on cognitive behavioral as well as psycho dynamic elements and on Contextual Modular Therapy as applied to people who have been through a highly distressing experience. Students will be introduced to a multi-faceted bio psycho social understanding of traumatic phenomena.

MCO109 Ethics and Professional Development 4 units
The increasing stresses in relationships place continual demands on counsellors and therapists to provide ways through and beyond the anxieties and hostilities, the conflicts and the confusion. This unit will aim to explore specialised skills in relationship therapy and the theories and practice of relationship therapy.

MCO110 Counseling Theory 4 units
This course is an advanced study of the major theories in the field of counseling, as well as an exploration of the historical perspectives and philosophies upon which they are based. Theories to be addressed include Classical Psychoanalysis, Individual Psychology, Analytical theory, Person-Centered Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, and Existential Therapy.

MCO111 Geriatric Counseling 4 units
This course is an introduction to the field of gerontology and the treatment modalities and approaches to counseling older adults. Current research knowledge related to gerontology and the aging process will be examined. An in-depth study of the special health needs, chronic illnesses, physiological aspects, and related services as applied to gerontology is presented.

MCO112 Marriage and Family Therapy 4units
This course will address the principals and techniques of effective therapy with couples. Various models will be explored with a focus on applicability to different client needs in a variety of settings.

MCO113 Biblical Counseling 4 units
This course is designed for students to gain practical experience in applying biblical counseling principles to actual counseling situations.

MCO114 Biblical Crisis Counseling 4 units
A combination of proactive training for spiritual resiliency and quickness to spot red flags may enable some missionaries to serve on the mission field longer.

MCO115 Biblical Counseling & Substance Abuse 4 units
The premise of Biblical counseling is that theology makes a difference. It made the world of difference in my life and in my family’s life, for my salvation was the first in the chain that brought my whole family to the Lord.

MCO116 Counseling Children 4 units
Understanding the role and function of children as the focus for family therapy. Learning to develop appropriate intervention strategies in working with children in the context of the family.

MCO117 Counseling in Abuse and Domestic Violence 4 units
This is a course designed to discuss issues related to identification, intervention, and treatment of both victims and perpetrators of domestic violence and abuse. The approach and model is a comprehensive one, including: physical, emotional, cognitive, relational, and spiritual factors. The method of instruction is an interactive, adult learning model.

MCO118 Counseling the Adolescent 4 units
A review of the basic issues in adolescent development with a particular focus on understanding the adolescent in the family context. Development of introductory skills in the counseling of adolescents and their families.