President’s Message

It is a pleasure to welcome you to Lordland College.
Lordland College has been established to brighten the torch of the truth in this dark world, through working with you. The purpose of our institution is to develop the power of God which has bestowed to the human being and to transmit the superpower of the subconsciousness to the human being.
A college education prepares you for the future with full of choices. Lordland College has been established based on the love of the humankind, which transcends human races and nationalities. I am certain that you will be impressed with the comfortable, and welcoming atmosphere on campus.
At Lordland College, you will gain invaluable perspectives and skills that enhance the ability to compete and succeed beyond college.
Our college offers the highest quality education by integrating educational experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. Our faculty members are experienced professionals and doctors in many fields who are committed to help you in order to create an encouraging academic environment.
You will find a welcoming and caring faculty members and staff who are designated to support your educational journey here at Lordland College.

Charles Kajin Jung
Ph.D. & Ed.D.